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We help working professionals and busy parents like you to prioritize your strength training, lifestyle habits & personal growth so you can regain control over your lifestyle & transform your health!

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Our Mission
is Saving Lives

We fight to help working professionals & busy parents who are battling weight gain, high stress, and a drop in self confidence to regain control over their lifestyle.

Any gym can have equipment and offer workouts; however, TFW SAUGA teaches a better way of life. What separates TFW SAUGA from other gyms and transactional trainers is our team of transformation coaches, our positive culture & environment, and our results proven and guaranteed system called Bring Out The Warrior Within.

We know if you don’t have fun and enjoy the training, you won’t do it. TFW is not designed as a sport or competition, but focuses on you competing against yourself and bettering your body, mind and spirit.

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Listen as Owner, Cory Fernandes, shares the TFW SAUGA mission of saving lives.

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I LOVE this place! The friendliest group of people from all walks of life on a journey together to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. Every training session I learn something new to improve my performance or perspective. Not just in the dojo but outside of it as well. The coaches are absolutely the best! They lead, inspire, motivate. They also walk the talk. True respect! I’m loving the journey and can’t wait to see what we will accomplish in the next twelve months.

-Susan B.

More Than Just a Gym

At TFW Sauga, we help our students transform their health by prioritizing…

5 Pillars of Excelsior Warrior Health

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Training & Movement

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Nutrition Habits

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Rest & Recovery

Resilient Mindset Icon

Resilient Mindset

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Positive Environment

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Your Transformation Process

During your transformation process you will…


Lose Body Fat


Improve Strength


Increase Confidence

Results you can expect over a 52 week transformation…



12 Week Lifestyle Transformation Program

12 weeks

  • Strength Train on average 3x a week for 12 weeks
  • Fitness starts to feel fun, not feared
  • Improved energy and mood
  • Strength and performance increased
  • New awareness of lifestyle habits (water, nutrition, sleeping, focus)
  • Lose 6 to 15 lbs of fat


Warrior Shred

12 - 36 weeks

  • Adopted the 4 days for life philosophy (3 days of strength + 1 day of cardio)
  • Performing strength & conditioning tests
  • Understand how to track habits, calories, and macro nutrients
  • Significant change in body composition & appearance


Warrior Build

36 - 52 weeks

  • Maintain results while eating more food (reverse dieting)
  • Stronger immune system due to lifestyle changes
  • Accomplishing performance feats that you never thought were possible for you
  • Acquiring stronger values like personal growth, grit & discipline
  • Increased productivity and focus to do more in all areas of life


The Excelsior Warrior Way of Life

52+ weeks

  • Change of identity & increased confidence to try new things and experiences
  • Enjoying your physical, mental, and emotional transformation
  • The strength and awareness to increase your proximity to people who make you better and decrease the proximity to people of negative influence
  • The role model of health in your family & friends circle

The End Result?

You are now better prepared to win at the battle of life and live your true potential !

Google Reviews

Ry Tz
Ry Tz
TFW SAUGA is an amazing family oriented & goals driven organization. Their programs guarantee result, as a student of the dojo, I am speaking from first hand experience, I see the result in my own personal growth. The coach’s are excellent, the personal training sessions are geared to guarantee results. Like I said, family oriented. They make you feel so welcomed and are so approachable. I will be a member of the TFW SAUGA FAMILIA for the foreseeable future. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND TFW SAUGA for anyone who’s looking for a place to achieve their goals both physically and mentally.
venkat krishnan
venkat krishnan
Awesome place.. Worth for starting a new fitness journey
Justyne EscaMelo
Justyne EscaMelo
TFW Sauga has the best environment of dedicated, caring coaches (shouts out to Cory, Melizza, Rodney, Carmella, Susie, Kelli and Julian!) and hardworking members that create a positive and happy space ! I love it so far and can’t wait to look forward to continued progress!
Dimple Mistry
Dimple Mistry
There is a reason why TFW Sauga is Mississauga’s top rated fitness program and gym. It doesn’t even begin to compare to other gyms. The atmosphere, 5 stars. The coaches, 5 stars. Your fellow students, 5 stars. The workouts, 5 stars. Everyone is so encouraging and supportive no matter your physical prowess. The coaches are extremely helpful and supportive with your journey both in and outside the gym. They are real people which make them relatable, reliable, and understanding to your lifestyle, whatever that may be. I feel so lucky to have found TFW Sauga for my own fitness growth and lifestyle change. Over 6 months at TFW, I lost 42lbs and 10% of my body fat! Words cannot describe how good it felt trying on my prom dress from 8 years ago and it actually being loose. I am so happy with my progress being part of TFW Sauga, and I will say that if you’re invested in a serious lifestyle change for whatever reason, go sign up! You will not regret it.
Nicole Merei
Nicole Merei
This place - is life changing! The people, the program, the high fives, the motivational stories, the coaches…all rolled into this incredible community feeling where everybody truly feels like family from the instant that you step through the doors. Take it from someone who hated (and could never commit to) working out until I discovered TFW Sauga. This place not only helps you shape your body, but also your mind and attitude. So grateful!!!
Courtney Gagne
Courtney Gagne
So very happy I stumbled across TFW Mississauga! I was looking at many other gyms & programs until I came across an add for TFW on Instagram. Something about it spoke to me and sure enough it was exactly what I was looking for. I’m in my 6th week of the StrongHer program and I’m already seeing great results, my confidence & knowledge has improved so much. I’m also very glad to have met all of the friendly/ supportive coaches & other members. I can’t put into words how excited I am to continue on & keep growing these muscles!
Rose De Luca
Rose De Luca
From the moment I stepped into TFW Sauga, I knew it was the place for me. Cory and the amazing team of coaches at TFW Sauga (Rodney, Carmela, Melizza, Julian, Kelli) are welcoming, encouraging, highly knowledgeable, professional, inspiring and motivating. In addition, the fellow Warriors I've met and partner with each session inspire me to do more, try more and give more. Everyone (Coaches and Warriors) holds each other accountable! They are consistently cheering me on with high fives, inspirational and thought provoking moments, consistent check-in's, and ongoing support. I joined 6 weeks ago and have been amazed by what TFW has done for me in such a short period of time. It has been a life changing experience. The TFW Familia is helping me navigate through a very challenging time and their support has been instrumental in providing me with the tools and mindset I need to work through my challenges and achieve my physical goals. I find myself more grounded, confident, practicing healthier habits and feeling physically and mentally strong. TFW inspires you to WANT more for yourself and work HARD to achieve your goals by challenging, inspiring, educating, holding you accountable and nurturing your physical, mental, spiritual and emotional growth. This is not just a gym, this is a Community; a source of connection and belonging, and a Familia; a group of people united. Come see for yourself, I guarantee you will find what you need at TFW Sauga. ❤💪
A Star
A Star
As you can see the ratings say it for itself ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ One of the best gyms I’ve ever seen or heard about before. What makes this place so ill is the environment and most of all the people in it. Super Fantastic coaches with great personalities and willingness to help you achieve your goals. Awesome workout remedies you’ll Never get at those “regular gyms” Trust me if you looking or thinking to sign up What You wAiting for Do IT NOW ! Don’t be fooled by other gimmicky commercials or ads This is the place to be ! TFW Big Up Yourselves ❤️
Aysha Khan
Aysha Khan
Training For Warriors is an incredible incredible program. I cannot express how much I have been able to achieve inside and outside the dojo just by giving this program a shot. TFW and the FAMILIA is a power and force of love that helped me get confidence and drive for life in a few months, after struggling for several years. All I can say is they transform your life in more ways than one (physically, mentally, career drive, creatively). They got your backto help you get to your goals. 😭💗💪

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