Bring Out Your Warrior Within

Helping busy professionals & parents in Mississauga to regain control over their lifestyle and to transform their health !

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Our Mission Is Saving Lives

We fight to help working professionals & busy parents who are battling weight gain, high stress, and a drop in self confidence to regain control over their lifestyle.

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Listen as Owner, Cory Fernandes, shares the TFW SAUGA mission of saving lives.

Any gym can have equipment and offer workouts; however, TFW SAUGA teaches a better way of life. What separates TFW SAUGA from other gyms and transactional trainers is our team of transformation coaches, our positive culture & environment, and our results proven and guaranteed system called…

Bring Out The Warrior Within

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We know if you don’t have fun and enjoy the training, you won’t do it. TFW is not designed as a sport or competition, but focuses on you competing against yourself and bettering your body, mind and spirit.

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This place – is life changing! The people, the program, the high fives, the motivational stories, the coaches…all rolled into this incredible community feeling where everybody truly feels like family from the instant that you step through the doors. Take it from someone who hated (and could never commit to) working out until I discovered TFW Sauga. This place not only helps you shape your body, but also your mind and attitude. So grateful.

-Nicole M.

More Than Just a Gym

At TFW Sauga, we help our students transform their health by prioritizing…

5 Pillars of Excelsior Warrior Health

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Training & Movement

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Nutrition Habits

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Rest & Recovery

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Resilient Mindset

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Positive Environment

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Your Transformation Process

During your transformation process you will…


Lose Body Fat


Improve Strength


Increase Confidence

Results you can expect over a 52 week transformation…



12 Week Lifestyle Kickstart

12 weeks

  • Strength Train on average 3x a week for 12 weeks to build a foundation
  • Fitness starts to feel fun, not feared
  • Improved energy and mood
  • Strength and performance increased
  • New awareness of lifestyle habits (water, nutrition, sleeping, focus)
  • Lose 6 to 15 lbs of fat
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Warrior Shred

  • Losing a significant amount of body fat and now living in the healthy range
  • Adopted the 4 days for life philosophy (3 days of strength + 1 day of cardio)
  • Focused on shredding unhealthy habits with strong core values & winning routines
  • Understand how to track habits, calories, and macro nutrients
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Warrior Build

  • Maintain results while eating more food (reverse dieting)
  • Focus is on maximizing Strength and Performance so you can build muscle mass
  • Building the habit of self education
  • Building positive relationships
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The Excelsior Warrior Way of Life

  • Change of identity from worrier to Warrior with the confidence to take action
  • Sustaining your lifestyle transformation while impacting other key areas of life (career, family, fun)
  • Everyday dedication to movement & time with nature
  • The role model of health in your family & inner friends circle

The End Result?

You are now better prepared to win at the battle of life and live your true potential !

Google Reviews

Sharan S
Sharan S
I'm thrilled to share my amazing experience at TFW. TFW is not only incredibly inclusive, but the motivational atmosphere truly sets it apart. TFW is not a boot-camp. It is life style coaching to help you reach your goals - not only physical but also mental. I joined TFW because I knew I needed change in my life, emotionally and physically. From the moment I had my first walk-through and meeting with Coach Rodney and Coach Cory, I knew I made the right decision choosing TFW. The Coaches are ALL absolutely top-notch, kind, understanding, and provide personalized guidance that makes every workout rewarding. Special shout-out to my morning Coaches for just being a light in my life - Coaches Rodney, Carmella, Kelli, Naz and Mel! Hurricanes with Coach Carms: highly recommend! So electrifying and an amazing vibe! Same with Glute Lab with Coaches Rodney and Carms! TFW’s environment is unmatched, fostering a sense of “familia” among members. It truly does feel like a family from the moment you enter the Dojo. Over the last year, not only have I seen physical changes, but I’ve seen emotional and mental changes as well. The person I am today is not the person I was a year ago… the love I have for myself now is unmatched and I couldn’t be more grateful. I knew deep down what I wanted from the program and life, and TFW helped me build the habits to reach them. Something that puts TFW ahead of other gyms and programs are the biweekly Student Success Meetings included in your membership. I have consistently had my meetings with Coach Rodney; he is SO knowledgeable and his kindness is something I will always appreciate. In the meetings, we reviewed my training, nutrition, and habits inside and outside the dojo. We made tweaks as needed. If something wasn’t working, we addressed it immediately. The meeting are thorough and are individualized to the student (because of course, not everything works the same for everyone.) I came into the program recently diagnosed with PCOS with my hormones all over the place. This caused horrible symptoms and made fat loss difficult. With the help of my Meetings, and training within the Dojo…. A few months later, my PCOS symptoms were almost completely gone! My family doctor was amazed that my new blood work came back normal, and all without the help of any medication. My recommendation to all current students and any future students would be to take advantage of these meetings; they were life changing for me. TFW, the Coaches and the other Students have truly transformed my fitness journey, and I can't recommend it enough!
Mary Luellen
Mary Luellen
I’m SO glad I decided to join TFW! All of the coaches at the dojo are absolutely amazing, so knowledgeable, and they truly care about your fitness and life journey! On top of that, I couldn’t be more pleased with my results so far. I have gained muscle, lost body fat, and I feel more motivated, energetic, and happy then I have felt in a while! If you’re looking for a fun, personable, and welcoming environment where you can start or continue your fitness journey, TFW is the place to go!!
Manaf Al Malazi
Manaf Al Malazi
Joined the gym one month ago and I've been loving it so far! There is a lot of energy and positive vibe there. Coaches are awesome and very attentive to detail, not only to what happens inside the gym, but also to students' habits outside such as sleeping, eating, stress management, hydration, etc. I feel I improved already in terms of shape and strength and I think there is a lot more improvement to come yet.
Tyler Adam
Tyler Adam
After dealing with tons of health issues I was finally ready to get back into the swing of things and put in work at the gym. I met with Coach Cory and instantly knew through the consultation that TFW SAUGA was the place for me. The coaching staff is top notch in all aspects, the facility is clean, the scheduling app has worked great, but most importantly it’s a judgement free zone and I have never felt so well cared for in a personal training program in my life. I’m going into week 6 of the transformation program and I can’t believe how much I’ve changed in such a short amount of time. I’d also just like to take a moment to thank coach Julian for helping me through my first hurricane class last week. Definitely was nervous going into because of the health issues I have but he helped me get through it. I would argue that right now in my life TFW SAUGA is one of the most important places to me in the GTA.
denisa nolan
denisa nolan
Words can't even describe the positive culture and life changing teachings that go on here. They truly care! About you, your goals, your health and your future. If you are lost, looking for guidance, need help and motivation to start making some positive changes in your life, then this is the only place you should go. Nothing worth doing in life is easy. This takes dedication and some hard work but you will see results. Just show up. They will help with the rest. They truly are life changing. One love. Always. FAMILIA.
tl;dr: There is simply no other place like TFW Sauga! You will fall in love with the people, the program and will see incredible results physically, mentally and emotionally. If you've been needing help with consistency, getting back to exercising, or taking control of your life, this place will have you hooked within week 1! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TFW Sauga is an incredible, and welcoming space from the moment you walk in for your first meeting. At this gym, people of all ages and backgrounds come together to be teammates during workouts, and life-long friends outside. This is a VERY unique group of people from the wonderful coaching staff (Susie, Julian, Carmella, Melizza, Rodney, Cory and Kelly) to the students in the program. Each coach is extremely approachable, will know you by name, will teach you about technique, will always be your biggest fan and will challenge you to new heights [a.k.a personal records (PR's)] that you never thought you could achieve before. Trust me, trying out the 12 week program will be the BEST decision you can make for yourself. I joined the dojo almost 6 months ago and have seen big changes in my confidence, attitude, energy levels and of course my physique. I have never enjoyed lifting weights, working out alone and found regular gyms daunting. At TFW Sauga, you'll always have a partner who can help spot, count reps for you, be your personal cheerleader and give you a hi-5 after crushing an exercise. Not only do you get physical coaching, but coaching to help you become a warrior at work, in your relationships, etc. TFW Sauga has changed my life, and I'm so grateful to have the support of this team as I become the strongest, healthiest, and most powerful version of myself! BEASTIN' HAAAAAAA!!!!!!
Nastassia Chai
Nastassia Chai
I’m just finishing my 8th week with TFW SAUGA and although I’m still working towards my physical goals, I’ve already seen so much progress and an immense difference in strength and abilities! I’m now lifting weights I never knew I could and using muscles that I feel like I’ve never used before! And the biggest self improvement that I’ve experienced so far is my mental health! I know that my overall goals are still a work in progress but I’m more certain than I’ve ever been that I can achieve them. I’m truly grateful for this program and most of all, all the coaches who are always so supportive, dedicated, and positive. I truly believe the people and community here at TFW SAUGA are what make it so amazing and effective. And I’m so glad that I get be apart of it! ☺️
Leeanne Rebello
Leeanne Rebello
I’ve been a student at TFW Sauga for 9 months now. It has literally changed my life. This is the longest I’ve been consistent with working out ever. I’m in better shape than when I was in my 20s. In the 9 months I have seen my body transform by dropping almost 10% body fat, gaining muscle, lifting heavier, and toning my body. If you follow their program, you will absolutely have amazing physical results! However, this program is not only physical. It’s lifestyle coaching. TFW has an amazing coaching team that will help you to transform your life. I can honestly call the coaches my friends. They have developed such an inclusive, welcoming and FUN environment. I’ve met so many amazing people here all with the same goal of self-improvement. It’s such a departure from who I was, but I actually look forward to going to the gym now! I had no idea a place like TFW Sauga even existed and I’m so thankful that I found it!

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